E-Design is an affordable, efficient and fun design option. With a little help in measuring your space, we can assist you with your design project.  Photos, Pinterest, FaceTime and email all work together to help us become a part of your project. From product samples, suggested layout, and furnishings we can give you the support you need. 

Vacation homes are a perfect match for e-design. ADH has worked in Florida, Colorado and the Texas Hill County and welcome the opportunity to help you with your project. We can accomplish a lot when working remotely. Contact us for our E-Design Rates.

Austin Design House is an Austin, Texas based design firm that concentrates on full-service, residential interior design. We also offer e-design and local home remodeling services. We love using textiles, wallpaper, window coverings, custom furniture and upholstery, home accessories and rugs to bring warmth and comfort to your home. The ADH team blends modern and traditional design to create a functional and timeless space for our clients to call home.

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